Born and raised in Utah, she discovered her artistry while finding refuge from her troubled childhood and adolescence. By exploring her imagination and the art of storytelling, she used this outlet to cope with her demons, express her struggle with her homosexuality, and escape the strict conservative nature of the religion she was born into. 
Alyssa completed her BFA in English: Creative Writing at Boise State University. It was here where she was inspired to write the short story "In Neon Lights". During the process of adapting her short story for the screen, Alyssa began to see the undeniable parallel between the struggles of her protagonist and her personal journey. The deeper she delved into the story, the more Alyssa began to face herself and find the courage to begin her process of acceptance in regards to her sexuality. 
Alyssa now resides in Los Angeles where she is the Vice President of Creative Development for Apocalypse Pictures. In 2009 she co-financed and produced the award winning* feature documentary Take it with You inspired by her travels around the world along with her older brother. In 2015, Alyssa chose her screenplay In Neon Lights for her directorial debut. She is currently in pre-production for Apocalypse Pictures’ new feature film Intimare: A Prologue as a producer. Alyssa is also in the process of developing her upcoming feature Desolation, Desolation as a screenwriter and director.

Alyssa Lemon