Cal struggling with his sexuality follows Broc, the man that he loves, into the red light district. When Broc suddenly disappears Cal is met by a strange Woman who wins over his affections as Cal is swept away in an odyssey of illusion and desire. As the fantasy takes hold, the woman transforms his entire world, now vibrant, beautiful and tender. However, as the relationship progresses and moves towards deeper intimacy, Cal is forced to come face to face with his true feelings. Plunging into the hopes, dreams and mind of a lonely young man, the film submerges itself within Cal's fantasy that ultimately overrides his reality. 


In Neon Lights is an imaginative new film from writer/director Alyssa Lemon about the dangers of self-deception in the search for love. This is the first new release in Apocalypse Pictures' line up of existential films. 


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